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To the Editor:
July 6 

Residents shouldn’t need to petition for dialogue with the Litchfield Board of Selectmen (BOS)! Let’s have an annual schedule of town meetings so the residents and BOS can hear each other. In June BOS meetings, some selectmen made explicit reference to this need. 

Litchfield has many issues deserving an open public discussion: the schools, management and repurpose of town-owned buildings, the parking problem in Litchfield center, and the effect of deceasing population on the town budget and the schools. Such an opportunity could exist with regular open meetings between the BOS and residents. 

I encourage the BOS to hold another public meeting, possibly prior to the upcoming town election. This meeting’s agenda would give guidance to incumbents and candidates on current issues and also allow airing of residents’ perspectives and gain their input on planning the future of our town.

Anne Haas
To the Editor:
July 5
I’d like to thank First Selectman Leo Paul for his many years of service and hard work for the citizens of Litchfield. Leo has tirelessly worked for our town and had accomplished a great many things in his 16 years in office.
His work ethic, professionalism and dedication to our town is to be admired.
You may not have always agreed with Leo, but I believe that he always did what he thought was the best and most prudent thing for Litchfield. Our town has been enriched by his tenure and I am grateful for his commitment to keeping Litchfield on the right track.
Congratulations Leo, on your upcoming “retirement” from politics. Thank you very much for all that you’ve done for Litchfield and your never-ending support for the town. I wish you the very best in your new endeavors!
Beth Murphy
To the Editor:
July 3
Let’s get past the damage inflicted by the malignant majority of Litchfield’s notoriously self-absorbed, self-indulgent, self-serving, self-gratifying school board on all the town employees not under its big fat contemptible thumb. Let’s not forget it, just get past it.
Let’s get past the irrefutable fact that in order to cut its well-padded 19-million-dollar budget by an insignificant little pittance—less than one week’s salary for its lowest-paid superfluous administrator—the school board has forced Litchfield employees not on its own payroll to fork up another 10 to 25 dollars every week simply to maintain their contracted level of health insurance. Let’s not forget it, just get past it.
(The schools’ business manager, an official rising star among his colleagues throughout the state, most of whom tend not to give a damn about anything outside their own regions’ finances, would prefer that we forgot it, of course, while keeping it on his résumé.)
So let’s focus on what must be done to minimize the harm the school board has caused the town employees. And that’s easy: Litchfield’s selectmen and finance board will certainly do the right thing and dip into the town’s five-million-dollar fund balance—in essence, the contingency fund—to make up the difference between the original contracted insurance premiums and the higher ones caused by the school board’s reprehensible end-run around good faith and common decency.
That will cost the five-million-dollar fund balance—which exists for just such purposes—less than fifty-thousand dollars and will save tens of thousands that would otherwise be paid to lawyers for the town to defend itself against union grievances that in this instance are entirely justified.
And let’s not forget, it’s the right thing to do . . .
Yours faithfully,
Paul Mordecai Rosenberg
To the Editor:
June 27
In June meetings of the Litchfield Board of Selectmen, it was agreed that a new Town Hall Review Committee (THRC) be constituted before the November elections. It was agreed that a new charge to the THRC is needed, as the Bantam School property will be among the sites considered. 

When and where will the call for new members be publicized? What are the eligibility criteria? When will the decision on membership be made? What budget will be afforded the new THRC?

Independent appraisal and a survey of Litchfield businesses and voters should be followed by a town meeting to have an open discussion about the pros and cons of possible sites.

Carol Powers