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School records to be destroyed

The Litchfield Board of Education will destroy the confidential special education records of former students with birth dates of 1995 or earlier who have either graduated or were dismissed from special education services....

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An ode to a return to school

Litchfield High School junior Allison Gollenberg “The End” by Allison Gollenberg Electric fan, Buzz Buzz Buzz. The squeak of markers. Nobody’s listening. Sleepy, heat slowed-faces, That sorta-sadness, That last breath of...

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Odysseus and his return to Ithaca

Olivia Kracht will be a sophomore at Litchfield High School. “Lessons from Odysseus” Through his trials and tribulations returning back to his home in Ithaca from the war at Troy, Odysseus’ character changed from being an...

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