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Trooper in traffic stop milking the system

To the Editor: May 22 The news media are telling us about the state trooper who was recorded by the victim [sic] blowing his cool in a questionable traffic stop. The trooper’s name doesn’t really matter. And we can assume, being...

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No grounds to drop case against Flynn

To the Editor: May 13 Former President Barack Obama, talking privately to ex-members of his administration, said Friday that Attorney General William Barr’s unprecedented move to drop charges against former White House...

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Land-use panels need to get to work

To the Editor: May 7 So why don’t Litchfield’s land and swamp commissioners and whoever else is delaying the solar-array project do the right thing and stop taking advantage of the covid-19 panic to abuse the trust of the people...

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Commissions must approve solar plan

To the Editor: May 7 I had just finished my first year of teaching in June of 1988, a few days before James Hansen testified before Congress. Dr. Hansen used NASA computer models to predict global temperature increases using 3...

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Delays have left solar project in jeopardy

To the Editor: May 4 It is alarming that the tremendous community collaborative effort to establish solar arrays within our town is in jeopardy. This project has overwhelming community support, was passed by the town...

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