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HDC in error on solar panel proposal

To the Editor: May 11 Litchfield’s notorious and dreaded taste police are at it again. This time the Borough of Litchfield’s Hysteric District Commission has a problem with solar panels on the west-facing roof of the town garage...

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“Bilious burgess-elect” comes up short

To the Editor: May 7 Senior abuse and picking on for doing precisely what it’s supposed to be doing: Is that the best Litchfield’s bilious burgess-elect Gayle Carr can do? Shame on Gayle Carr. And pity the poor...

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Lack of opinion diversity is noticeable

To the Editor: May 6 I cannot help but notice that your opinions page is comprised primarily of an old man’s vitriolic, wild-eyed rants. If is not capable of producing responses more substantive than an...

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Borough election produces a partisan board

To the Editor: May 5 The election results are in and an automatic recount isn’t likely to change the result even with disappearing ink in the pens, so the unfortunate Borough of Litchfield is on the verge of making history yet...

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Ellis letter says a lot without saying much

To the Editor: May 1, 2021 Litchfield burgess write-in candidate Barbara Ellis certainly drafts a slick letter touting the candidacy of the four write-ins for Monday’s Litchfield borough election while saying nothing. But that’s...

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