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Criticism of Porsche driver is warranted

To the Editor: Feb. 21 Tom McDermott is such a nice guy that he even defends the honor of his own church’s competition a couple of doors up South Street. But Margaret Manz and I certainly aren’t co-opting anything in our brief...

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Pantry users should be shown more respect

To the Editor: Feb. 21 It is a shame that recent letters to the editor have co-opted the generosity of the volunteers and supporters of St. Michael’s food pantry by assaulting persons who accepted their gifts without any basis...

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Porche driver a “freeloading scofflaw”

To the Editor: Feb. 20 Talk about hard times: The driver of a Porsche Cayenne with a New York vanity plate photographed brazenly taking freebie sustenance from the St. Michael’s Church food pantry. Something to behold! You...

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Local businesses well-fed by CARES Act

To the Editor: Feb. 19 It’s not quite a year ago, as Ned Lamont (with the full compliance, cooperation, and collusion of his [sic] Democrat bicameral legislative majority) was effectively declaring himself BODOC (Benevolent...

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