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A new compromise on ribbons needed

The five yellow ribbons have come down from trees on the Green, marking not only the end of a fitting tribute to servicemen and women from Litchfield but also what should be the beginning of a collaborative effort between the...

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Thanks borough board for standing pat

To the Editor: Jan. 16 I'd like to extend my regards to the Board of Warden and Burgesses of the Borough of Litchfield for sticking with its motion and vote on Sept. 14, 2021 to remove the yellow ribbons from the Green. Being...

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Orchids and onions

Orchids to architect John Martin of Litchfield for being recognized for his design of a renovation of the Yale Art Barn in Norfolk (see community page). Orchids to American Legion Post 44 of Bantam for keeping its remarkable...

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Borough now “safe” from dastardly ribbons

To the editor: Jan. 14 The Litchfield borough board, facing the (unlikely) dilemma where hordes of people representing every organization on the planet, descend on Litchfield demanding that their messages be represented on the...

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On ribbons, borough board following the law

To the Editor: Jan. 13 For over a hundred years, the center section of the Litchfield Green has been a dignified, community expression of thanks and honor to those who have sacrificed themselves for our country. It has not been...

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