The fate of the Region 6 Board of Education’s proposed budget of $20,571,133 for 2021-22 lies with the voters of Warren, Morris and Goshen.

Voters will consider the spending plan during a district meeting Monday at 7 p.m. at Wamogo Regional High School.

The proposed budget is $332,775, or 1.64 percent, higher than the current budget of $20,238,358, but the assessment on the towns of Warren, Morris and Goshen would remain $17,307,410 for the fifth consecutive year if the proposed budget is approved.

An increase in revenue of $332,775 from tuition and state and local sources offsets the proposed spending increase and would allow the school board to maintain the current assessment on the towns.

Under the proposed budget, Goshen’s assessment increases by $92,082, from $8,588,839 to $8,680,921. Warren’s decreases from $3,139,727 to $3,047,847, a drop of $91,880, and Morris’s lowers from $5,578,853 to $5,578,649, a decrease of $204. Assessments are based on the number of students each town had enrolled in Region 6 schools on Oct. 1, 2020.