Brian Roe of Harwinton Tree Service celebrated Arbor Day on Friday by working on three trees on the Litchfield Green. BZ photos

What better way to recognize Arbor Day in Litchfield than by tending to some of the town’s most historic trees.

Three trees on the Green – the Constitution Oak, the Colvocoresses Oak and the Revolutionary Oak – were trimmed and pruned by Harwinton Tree Service, which is owned by Litchfield High School graduate Brian Roe, on Friday. All three threes were planted around 1900 and continue to thrive 121 years later.

Roe and his crew donated their time for the day. Harwinton Tree Service does much tree work for the town and was a logical choice for the job on the Green.

The maintenance was encouraged by Eversource Energy and the Notable Tree project as a way to touch up historic trees, particularly ones near Eversource utility lines.

The three trees were selected for work by Roe, public works director and tree warden Raz Alexe, deputy tree warden and public works laborer Gary Shuhi, and First Selectman Denise Raap.


Brian Roe prepares to take his saw to a tree branch on the Revolutionary Oak. Below, Roe uses a handsaw to trim a branch on the Colvocoresses Oak.

Brian Roe, center, and a member of his tree crew touch base with public works director and tree warden Raz Alexe.

A large branch trimmed from the Constitution Oak is lowered to the ground.