Suzanne Blaicher of Litchfield is the founder of, a business offering personal training and group exercise programs. BZ photos

Suzanne Blaicher has taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic in a positive way.

The certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor from Litchfield in September created her own business,, as a response to the pandemic. (Click on her business advertisement for more information.)

“COVID was the inspiration,” said Blaicher, who holds certification from the Athletic Fitness Association of America. “People anxious about going back to the gym reached out to me and asked me to train them in their homes, their yards, a park, wherever they felt safe. That’s how I got the idea to start the business.”

Many parents, Blaicher said, contacted her asking her to train their children. Parents, she said, worried that remote learning last spring and lack of activity due to the pandemic had taken a toll on the fitness levels of their children.

So, Blaicher would pack up her equipment and head to homes and parks in Litchfield and surrounding towns to put people through the rigors of her training program.

“The training would be tailored based on the space people had in their homes or their yards,” she said. “It went so well that I decided to expand to other age groups, including seniors who didn’t want to go back to the gym.”

Blaicher provides contact-less in-home personal training for individuals and small groups and adapts to the needs of her clients. She also offers virtual training and teaches three virtual fitness classes a week. Her schedule is flexible.

The cost of an in-home personal training session is $50 per hour. Virtual one-on-one sessions are $30 per hour and virtual group exercise classes are $10 per hour.

Blaicher and her husband, Trip, have lived in Litchfield for six years and have two children, twins Kate and Matt. A native of Bordentown, N.J., Blaicher played field hockey, basketball and softball in high school. In her 20s, however, she gained weight and lost her conditioning.

Just before turning 30, Blaicher returned to the gym, recovered her athletic figure and put herself on a path toward lifelong fitness.

Contact Blaicher at 475-235-9192 or

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Below, Suzanne Blaicher offers personal training for individuals of all ages and abilities.