A public hearing on a building plan was held at Warren Woods by the Warren Planning and Zoning Commission Sept. 9. BZ photo

As summer prepares to turn to fall in Warren, a proposal before the Planning and Zoning Commission is stirring up strong interest among the town’s residents.

The commission is considering a plan by Sawing High Climbers of Kent to build a 4,000 square-foot building on a 40-acre parcel in a residential zone along Route 341 west of the center of town. Sawing High Climbers is seeking a special exception to carry out the plan.

A public hearing on the proposal was held outdoors at Warren Woods on Sept. 9 and drew a large crowd. Many in the crowd spoke in support of the proposal and an equal number spoke in opposition to it.

The public hearing will resume Oct. 13.

Sawing High Climbers, a tree care business, would use the building to store its three trucks and equipment and for office space. The building would be built at the end of a long driveway and would not be visible from Route 341, although it would be seen from neighboring properties.

Sawing High Climbers is owned by Russell and Emma Plumb, who both attended the hearing, as did their engineer, Paul Szymanski. In her testimony, Emma Plumb said the proposed building would allow her and her husband to expand their nine-year-old business.

She said she and her husband respect the Warren community and would like to be a part of it. Their business, she added, is low-impact in nature and is based on the principle of conserving the environment.

Several residents spoke in support of the proposal, saying the Plumbs are honorable people and that their business would be welcome in town.

Those who spoke against the plan cited the potential for unwanted truck noise, damage to wetlands and a detrimental effect on property values.

A neighboring property owner, Ellen Baron, said would have an unimpeded view of the building from her front porch. The proposed building, she said, has no place in a residential neighborhood.