To the Editor:

Aug. 3

Why were the Concerned Citizens of Litchfield afraid to sign their thoughtful and thought-provoking letter about the Woodridge Lake Sewer District’s plan to invade Litchfield? Certainly, many Litchfielders have friends and/or family at Woodridge Lake; quite a few have summer cottages there; and some have even moved there, silly as that may be. So what?

Right now, put simply, it would appear that the WLSD plan to give Litchfield its raw sewage favors WLSD in a big way and gives Litchfield nothing but lip service in return. Sure, the cost of the mandated upgrade to Litchfield’s sewer plant would be shared somewhat by the WLSD, but then there’s everything else. So, at the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, what’s really in it for Litchfield?

Even the Litchfield Sewer Commission—whoops, make that the Water Pollution Control Authority—Q-and-A on the subject makes it clear that the main deterrent to the plan is that there isn’t “adequate savings for the Litchfield sewer user.” And if that’s the case, why even think about cooperating with the WLSD?

Litchfield certainly doesn’t need Goshen’s sewage. But Litchfielders are nice folks and good neighbors. So if Litchfield and Goshen lawyers can come to an air- and water-tight agreement in Litchfield’s favor with no downside whatsoever for Litchfield—because Litchfield certainly doesn’t need Goshen’s sewage—why not consider it?

Yeah, right . . .

Yours faithfully,

Paul Mordecai Rosenberg