To the Editor:

July 28

Let’s rat out our neighbors. Not all our neighbors, mind you, just the ones who don’t register their motor vehicles in Connecticut in order to evade local property tax. The scofflaws thus force us law-abiding captive taxpayers to fork over a higher property tax. Is that fair?

In simple terms, Connecticut law says that motor vehicle owners have 60 days to register their vehicles from the date they establish residency. We won’t get into residency vs. domicile because the law regarding motor vehicles is clear. And when the offending vehicle owners are long-term residents and registered voters, having thus established domicile, there can be no doubt they’re screwing the rest of us by not paying the property tax they owe. And they probably know it.

Just in the Borough of Litchfield, for instance, on North Street there are a few long-term resident vehicles with New York plates as well as a Mercedes-Benz from Arizona, some New York plates on Meadow Street for several years, as well as a number of COVID-19 refugees from New York and New Jersey here for well over two months.

So be a sport and remind your tax-evading neighbors that they must do the right thing and register their cars and trucks in Connecticut, that they risk thousand-dollar fines for not doing the right thing, and that ignorance of the law is no defense (except for police, of course).

And when they tell you where to go and what to do, simply go to your local tax assessors and police and rat out your tax-evading neighbors. They deserve it . . .

Yours faithfully,

Paul Mordecai Rosenberg