Town Hall in Litchfield, a 60-year-old building, is getting a look from another committee. Peter Tavino photo

With the help of $30,000 in taxpayer dollars, the latest committee charged with taking a look at municipal facilities in Litchfield and recommending how they could be used more efficiently has begun its work.

The town facilities review committee this week was given $30,000 by the Board of Selectmen to evaluate Town Hall with help from a consultant. The effort represents yet another attempt to figure out what to do with the aging building that is not only cramped but is in need major improvements just to bring it up to modern standards.

Several committees have taken a crack at the job since 2006 but have failed to produce a resolution deemed acceptable. About $150,000 has been spent by the committees, according to Selectman Jeffrey Zullo, who has served on most of the committees.

Samuel Olmstead, the resident serving as chairman of the committee, believes the best option for the panel is to seek public input early in the process with the help of its consultant. Several public hearings, Olmstead told the selectmen, could be scheduled to solicit input.