There will be a sign of normalcy in Goshen on Tuesday when a town meeting is held at 8 p.m. at the Goshen Center School gym.

It will be the first in-person meeting in town since mid-March, when COVID-19 shut everything down.

Voters at the town meeting will fill a vacancy on the Region 6 Board of Education. The candidate elected will serve a three-year term beginning Wednesday. Lauren Marti has announced her intention to pursue the seat.

Voters will also be asked to authorize the Board of Selectmen to finalize a sale and conveyance of a conservation and public recreation easement and agreement on 95 acres of town-owned land on East Street North. A Highlands Grant of $131,500 has been received for the purpose. The town meeting will also ask voters to approve depositing the grant into the town’s land acquisition fund, as recommended by the Board of Finance.