The Litchfield Garden Club has placed seasonal plantings in the monument on the Green. Contributed photos

For decades, members of The Litchfield Garden Club have placed seasonal plantings in Litchfield’s three over-sized concrete planters

In late May, the club’s projects and civic beautification committee co-chaired by Lynne Sherman and Dale Ryan began filling the containers. The urn at the intersection of Norfolk Road and North Street boasts an Alberta spruce spiral as its focal point surrounded by hidcote lavender and multi-color trailing nasturtiums. The planter on the corner of Meadow Street and West Street contains a mini Alberta spruce, victory purple vinca and portulacas in sundial white.

The trough on the westernmost side of the town Green is a granite monument that dates to 1890. It was erected by the Village Improvement Society to mark the arrival of public water to the center of town from a Litchfield Water Company reservoir on Norfolk Road. A pipe leading to the monument filled the trough with water for horses. As an LGC project in 2013, the monument was professionally cleaned allowing the inscription to become legible once again.

This year, an edible garden was planted in the trough. The LGC is dedicating this herb garden to our farmers, grocers and residents of Litchfield. During this unprecedented time in history, the sentiments of the LGC are symbolized through the specific herbs chosen: basil signifies love, parsley gratitude, rosemary remembrance, thyme courage, yarrow healing, chives harmony and balance, and nasturtiums patriotism.

Sherman and Ryan have organized a weekly watering schedule for club members that will continue through the fall. The plantings may change with the seasons but the dedication of club members to enhance the landscape of our community remains constant.

Below, the planter at the corner of West Street and Meadow Street and the urn at the intersection of North Street and Norfolk Road are tastefully decorated.