To the Editor:

Jan. 6

Senator Craig Miner and Representative David Wilson (both R-Litchfield) will score impressive brownie points with the Connecticut General Assembly (D-virtually everywhere else) and Governor Ned Lamont (D-who cares?) simply by filing a bill to take the anemic Democrat toll plan to its logical conclusion in the interest of further ballooning the inflow of the state’s ill-gotten, recklessly dissipated current account. The super-duper revenue enhancement stratagem is so radically progressive that even the most irresponsibly profligate Democrats wouldn’t conceive of it. But they’ll spend every penny they get. And, being Connecticut Democrats, they’ll spend lots more.

The amazing plan is simply to install a toll gantry at the street end of every single driveway in the state. It’s embarrassingly obvious. A toll would be payable whenever any wheeled vehicle passed through any gantry. In and out, day and night. Just think of the revenue enhancement at malls, factories, office buildings, schools, hospitals, churches, private homes (especially of social climbers and Amazon Prime customers). Of course, toll-dodging would be illegal. And you can bet that Connecticut Democrats will come up with a way to make airborne drones pay tolls.

The only cost to the state would be in installing and maintaining the computers to keep track of the incredible revenue windfall. That’s because all vehicle owners (including out-of-staters using Connecticut’s roads) and real estate owners would have to buy, install, and maintain their gantries and transponders. Win win. For the state. And don’t expect discounts.

But why should individuals and businesses, already stuck with too many nuisance taxes among other onerous insults and indignities, pay for the dubious privilege of collecting yet another abominable, abusive tax to buy votes for Connecticut’s majority-party politicians? Sure it’s not fair, but do you really think Hartford gives a damn? And it’s done right now anyway.

Because Connecticut is one of the few states that actually sell and make you pay through the nose for sales tax permits, permits that require you to collect taxes for the state. Talk about adding insult to injury. And no state charges anything like the hundred dollars Connecticut extorts from involuntary collection agents for the tax permits. It is Connecticut, after all. We expect it.

Remember the state’s nascent motto, “Forever upward, Connecticut!”? Well, it’s all about revenue enhancement, as the offending pols call it—taxes by another name, smelling as foul. And nothing about Connecticut is forever upward except spending and taxes . . .

Yours faithfully,

Paul Mordecai Rosenberg