On Dec. 16, Litchfield’s 300th Anniversary Committee held its final meeting prior to the planned dissolution of the committee.
One of the events the committee was able to organize was the fireworks celebration staged on July 20 to coincide with the Summerfest held at the Litchfield Community Center. This was the first fireworks display held in Litchfield since the late 1990s and, due primarily to safety concerns and state regulations, took about six months of effort to organize.
Since the committee was not assigned a budget, the entire cost of the fireworks was covered by proceeds from the sale of 300th anniversary items, including a pewter ornament, and donations from local businesses, civic groups and individuals. On behalf of the committee, I want to thank those donors: The Seherr-Thoss Foundation;
Litchfield Lions Club; Litchfield-Morris Rotary Club; Litchfield Distillery; Village Wine Cellar/Peter Carpenter; Richard and Rosie Furniss; Philip Samponaro; and Fred Parkin.
The committee’s work is done but it is fervently hoped that the town of Litchfield will continue on its course of encouraging intelligent economic development with an eye towards maintaining its rich historical nature as well as its natural beauty. We hope the committee formed to celebrate Litchfield’s 350th anniversary has as much fun as we did with the 300th!
Jon Torrant, committee chairman