Members of the Litchfield Garden Club present bluebird nesting boxes to Catherine Fields, executive director of the Litchfield Historical Society, at the Tapping Reeve Meadow. From left are Rosie Furniss, Jane Hinkel, Fran Devlin and Fields. Contributed photo
The Litchfield Garden Club has initiated a Bluebirds of Happiness program as part of its effort to educate and engage the community in the pursuit of conservation.
Spearheaded by the garden club’s Conservation Committee, the program will begin with the installation of nine bluebird nesting boxes at the Tapping Reeve Meadow next spring. The boxes will be placed in groupings of three with three boxes in each group, allowing adequate room for the nesting of other birds in addition to bluebirds. The method encourages neighboring, which occurs when different bird families guard neighboring nests while the parents forage for food. 
The LGC plans to install 100 bluebird nesting boxes over a two-year period in the Litchfield area with the goal of providing enough habitat and food plant sources to encourage bluebird families to winter over. Bluebirds symbolize joy, prosperity and good health. Their colorful plumage is associated with blue skies and eternal happiness. A bluebird sighting is a harbinger of good things to come. 
The Bluebirds of Happiness program is a collaborative effort between the LGC, the Litchfield Historical Society and Sharon Audubon Center. Those interested in participating in the program can contact the LGC at