First Selectman-elect Denise Raap celebrates her victory at the Village Restaurant on Tuesday. BZ photos

Voters in Litchfield signaled a desire for change on Tuesday when they elected Denise Raap first selectman in a landslide and captured three seats on the Board of Finance.

The election of Raap and the overwhelming re-election of her Democratic running mates, Selectmen Anne C. Dranginis and Jeffrey Zullo, gave Democrats a 3-2 majority on the Board of Selectmen.
Selectman Jon Torrant, a Republican who lost to Raap, received enough votes to stay on the board but has yet to decide if he will do so. Thomas Waterhouse was voted on to the board as the other Republican.
First Selectman Leo Paul Jr. and Selectman Paul Parsons, both Republicans, are stepping down.
Voter turnout was a solid 55 percent, with 3,166 of the town’s 5,724 registered voters casting ballots.
Democrats gained control of the Board of Finance as well with Erich Marriott being re-elected and Patricia Donovan and Jodi Tenney winning regular seats. The trio joins James Stedronsky, a Democrat, as regular members. Tenney knocked incumbent Sky Post, a Republican, off the board.
Democrats now hold a 4-2 majority on the board. GOP holdovers are Ed Gadomski and Richard Quay.
The finance board’s two alternate seats went to Matthew Blasavage, a Democrat, and Daniel Morosani, a Republican.
Republicans, meanwhile, retain a majority on the Board of Education, although it shrunk from 6-3 to 5-4 with the election of Tina Reardon and Steve Malo. Republicans on the board are Wayne Shuhi, Donald Falcetti, Daniel Clock, who earned re-election, John Morosani and Matthew Terzian. David Pavlick and Lynn Stone are the other Democrats.
The first meeting of the new Board of Finance is Nov. 18, the new Board of Selectmen Nov. 19, and the new Board of Education Nov. 21.
Jodi Tenney: New member of the Board of Finance
Below are the vote totals from Tuesday:
Board of Selectmen
Denise Raap             1,850*
Jon Torrant              1,286*
Anne C. Dranginis      1,839*
Jeffrey Zullo             1,743*
TonWaterhouse       1,246*
Bill Burgess              1,234
Board of Finance
Erich Marriott           1,622*
Patricia Donovan       1,818*
Christopher Coombs   1,599
Jodi Tenney             1,541*
Sky Post                 1,475
Erich Marriot: Re-elected to the Board of Finance
Patricia Donovan: New Board of Finance member
Board of Finance (Alt.)
Matt Blasavage        1,585*
Lauren Sage            1,462
Daniel Morosani        1,550*
Bea Thompson          1,326
Elected: Daniel Morosani
Board of Education
Steve Malo              1,585*
David Foss               1,434
Margaret Hunt          1,400
Daniel Clock             1,544*
Tina Reardon            1,773*
Nancy R. Latour        1,226
Steve Malo: New Board of Education member
Tina Reardon: New Board of Education member
Town treasurer
Francis Carpentier     2,165*
Town clerk
Helen Bunnell           2,216
Board of Assessment Appeals
Cleve Fuessenich      1,591*
Rosemarie Greco       1,434
Re-elected: Cleve Fuessenich
Re-elected: Carol Bramley
Planning and Zoning Commission
Abby Conroy            1,475
Lara Hillman             1,425
Carol Bramley           1,663*
Stephen Simonin       1,481*
Peter Losee             1,622*
Guy Baldwin             1,636*
Jordan Richards        1,385
Planning and Zoning (Alt.)            
Robert Lupo   (D)          1,902*
William Conti  (D)         1,988*
Victoria Sansing and Joe Manes count absentee ballots at the Litchfield firehouse during Tuesday’s election.