Two of the buildings in the Village Marketplace in Goshen, which has been mentioned as a potential site for affordable housing. BZ photo

Affordable housing remains a subject of discussion in Goshen as the Goshen Housing Trust continues to weigh the potential use of an 8-acre parcel of Beach Street.

Also in play is the Village Marketplace on Torrington Road whose owner, Mark Greenberg, has offered to sell to the housing trust for $2 million. The 18 apartments in the commercial plaza could be turned into affordable housing, with the existing businesses remaining in place.

That’s the option being supported by First Selectman Robert P. Valentine, who has asked the nonprofit independent housing trust to consider giving up on the potential use of the Beach Street site due to heavy opposition from residents of the adjacent Woodridge Lake development and Beach Street.

The housing trust is enamored with the Beach Street parcel because it has access to a sewer line and would allow for the construction of up to 20 units of modern housing. During its meeting last week, the housing trust told Valentine it would continue to explote the potential use of Beach Street.

Valentine, meanwhile, has been meeting with Village Marketplace owner Mark Greenberg to discuss a potential deal under which Greenberg would sell his property – with the exception of its gas station and convenience store – to the housing trust fr less than $2 million. A drawback to the property is that is is not on a sewer line and operates on a 44-year-old septic system.

The housing trust, however, has said it’s willing to consider the Village Marketplace as a secondary site for affordable housing.

Residents opposing the Beach Street idea have collected more than 800 signatures on a petition opposing construction of apartment buildings in residential areas of town.

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