Litchfield and Region 6 schools are prepared to take a big leap forward on the collaboration front.
Officials from both school districts on Thursday announced that Region 6 Superintendent of Schools Christopher Leone will be a shared superintendent beginning July 1. Leone will assume responsibility for Litchfield’s schools after current Superintendent of Schools Sherri Turner steps down on June 30.
Litchfield Board of Education Chairman Gayle Carr and Region school board Chairman Heather Connor announced the shared position in a letter Thursday to residents of Litchfield, Warren, Morris and Goshen.
“We are proud that Litchfield and Region 6 are working together, being proactive, innovative and educational leaders in our state,” Carr and Jones wrote. “It is our students, through program resources, who will benefit from this important step for years to come.”
Both school boards will begin negotiations on a contract outlining the shared position. The contract is expected to be completed by early June, according to Carr and Jones.
Giving Leone oversight of Litchfield’s schools became possible after Turner announced her pending departure in March. Turner will become the new principal at Plymouth Center School.
Leone met with Litchfield’s school board in April and the attraction was mutual. The meeting had the full support of the Region 6 board. After Carr and Connor’s letter was released, Leone said he’s anxious to get started in the new position.
“I’m excited to bring two districts, two staffs, two boards and four communities closer together,” he said. “We have an opportunity to do amazing things for our students.”
There is unlimited potential in the areas of cooperation and shared services that the two school systems can capitalize on, according to Leone, who said he’s confident the shared arrangement will work.
Litchfield First Selectman Leo Paul Jr., Warren First Selectman Craig Nelson, Morris First Selectman Thomas Weik and Goshen First Selectman Robert P. Valentine on Friday all expressed support for the shared position. They believe it will foster further cooperation between the school districts that will benefit students and yield financial savings.
The next step for Leone will be meetings in each of the four towns to discuss the shared position with the public. The tour begins in Goshen on May 20 and hits Warren on May 21, Morris on May 22 and Litchfield on May 23.