New Center School Principal Abe Ammary meets students getting off the bus on the first day of school Wednesday. BZ photos

Litchfield’s four schools opened their doors for business on Wednesday in signaling an end to a long, hot summer vacation.

At Center School, students were greeted by new Principal Abe Ammary, a former sixth-grade teacher at Central Elementary School in Simsbury.

Ammary succeeds Sherri Turner, who is now the superintendent of schools. Intermediate school Principal Jennifer Murphy and her staff welcomed students while middle school Principal Stephanie Kubisek and high school Principal Kristen Della Volpe did the same with staff at their schools.

Students at the intermediate school wait in the cafeteria before heading to their classrooms.

Intermediate school students head for the building after arriving by bus.

Litchfield Police Cpl. Peter Russo and crossing guards Barbara Crusius, left, and Susan DiMaria made safety a priority at Center School.

Marching from the bus to Center School.

Center School Principal Abe Ammary greets students.

Center School instructional aide Shannon Gollow leads students into the school.

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