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LHS and Wamogo teams run against Thomaston (09-20-12)

Above, Wamogo's Robin Carlson runs behind Thomaston's Sammi Breier and ahead of Litchfield's Sarah Simaitis. Below, Litchfield's Ryan Gannon and Wamogo's Nick Nemergut duel early in their race. John McKenna photos

Litchfield High's cross-country teams made their home debuts on Wednesday in a tri-meet with Wamogo and Thomaston.

In the girls meet, powerhouse Thomaston rolled to two victories. Litchfield defeated Wamogo to end the day with a 3-1 record. Robin Carlson of Wamogo finished fifth in the girls meet to pace her team, while for Litchfield Sarah Simaitis was sixth, Olivia Nordland eighth, Chelsea Hayward ninth and Natalie Wihbey 10th.

The boys meet saw Thomaston outduel Litchfield and Thomaston and Litchfield down Wamogo. Ryan Gannon of Litchfield ran a strong race to finish third. Also cracking the top 10 for the Cowboys were Connor Courtney in sixth place, Carl Costa in seventh, Carlos Rodriques in ninth and Peter Wihbey 10th.

The official starter for both races was KidsMarathon founder Rod Dixon, a four-time Olympian for his native New Zealand and the winner of the 1983 New York City Marathon. Dixon is a longtime friend of Litchfield coach Brent Hawkins.
Four-time Olympian Rod Dixon was the starter for both races.
Girls race
Thomaston 16 Litchfield 39: Thomaston 16 Wamogo 47; Litchfield 20 Wamogo 43
1. Becky Perugini (T)
2. Sabrina Olsen (T)
3. Cameron Chaplen (T)
(Three way tie for first in 20:26
4. Sammi Breier (T) 21:39
5. Robin Calson (W) 21:41
6. Sarah Simaitis (L) 22:01
7. Sarah Guay (T) 22:17
8. Olivia Nordland (L) 22:39
9. Chelsea Hayward (L) 22:54
10. Natalie Wihbey (L) 22:56
(Records) Thomaston 2-0: Litchfield 3-1; Wamogo 0-2
Boys race
Thomaston 24 Litchfield 31; Thomaston 17 Wamogo 45; Litchfield 19 Wamogo 44
1. Luke McMahon (T) 17:18
2. Seth Abbot (T) 17:49
3. Ryan Gannon (L) 17:56
4. Zack Simpson (T) 18:08
5. Nick Nemergut (W) 18:31
6. Conor Courtney (L) 18:45
7: Carl Costa (L) 18:50
8. Trevor Daigle (T) 19:06
9. Carlos Rodriques (L) 19:24
10. Peter Wihbey (L) 19:42
Records: Thomaston 2-0; Litchfield 2-2; Wamogo 0-2
Chelsea Hayward leads Natalie Wihbey in the final mile of the girls race.
Running for Wamogo are, from left, Alex Brady, Jake Rosko and Evan Dalke.
Conor Courtney finishes strong in placing sixth.
Carl Costa was a step behind in seventh place for Litchfield.
Jedd Gravel crosses the finish line for Wamogo.
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