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To the Editor:
Litchfield's Landmark Town Hall : With the history and architectural legacy of the Town of Litchfield in mind the Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust last year purchased the Litchfield Courthouse for one reason: to donate it to the townspeople so that they once again could have it as their town hall.  The 1888 plaque mounted in the courthouse entrance reads: "Erected by the Town of Litchfield for use of the County and of the Town."  Completed in 1890 the building was the Town Hall for 70 years until the current  town hall was built in 1960. The Trust believes - along with many of town's residents - that this most prominent landmark in the Litchfield Historic District should be restored to its original purpose as the Town Hall.

Our sense of community and pride in our town ties in closely with its history and architecture.  Forty-three years ago Sunny and Hans Seherr-Thoss recognized this when they created the Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust to "preserve Litchfield's architectural heritage and maintain the economic viability of the Borough." The commercial block and the post office (preserved by the Trust in 1975) serve as places where we meet, greet, and chat with neighbors.  Having the town hall in the courthouse building gives us another center for these casual and business encounters.  

Over the past year more than five hundred residents have visited the courthouse during three open-house events.  They walked through the 21 offices, two large courtrooms, one large meeting room, the law library, two small vaults and one huge room-size vault. Ninety-five percent of the folks could see its potential and said it was the only option for a new town hall. They could see the convenience of a new rear entrance from the spacious municipal parking or walking in the front entrance off the town sidewalk. continued

To the Editor of
As a member of the now dissolved Morris Volunteer Fire Department, I would like to state my opinion on the current situation involving the new Morris Fire Company.
Unfortunately a resolution between the Town of Morris Administration and the MVFD could not be reached. That page of Morris history has been written, filed, and cannot be changed now.
I truly believe that most of the general membership of the MFC have the best intention for the safety of the residents and properties in town and I applaud their dedication and efforts. I choose not to comment on what I perceive as negative, because it changes nothing and only creates more drama preventing us all from progressing towards the better.
My problem lies with a couple of the people {I will not call them reporters} that have “written” articles in the news. They consistently add the little bits of “historical” information they know will only breed more controversy. One can only speculate for their reasons why.
The need to find error and point fingers at the MVFD no longer exists. Put that effort into something constructive for Morris, report the good things going on by ALL of the community groups in town and please let’s move forward. I know this may not be the path that some would like to see taken, but I miss the small town we moved to 12 years ago and hope we can get it back.
Please continue to report on the positive efforts of the volunteers of the MFC as they are truly needed and appreciated. As a member of the MVFD I know first hand the sacrifice of time, effort, the missed dinners, family functions, holidays as well as the risk taken every time the tone goes out. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.
Kevin DeRoehn
Morris CT