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To the Editor:
On Tuesday night the Board of Selectman held a public hearing on whether the Town should essentially give away to the Litchfield Housing Trust a 10 acre parcel of property located in the heart of Bantam for the development of 14 subsidized apartments.  The property is probably worth approximately $1 million.   
After many years in the works, here’s where we are:
  1. LHT can’t disclose a preliminary construction and operating budget, so the public has no idea whether the proposed project is a financial winner or a bust. 
  2. There is no recent appraisal of the property so we don’t know its present value. (An older appraisal stated that the property is worth $1.1 million.)
  3. We have no study indicating whether the 14 proposed apartments are likely to be rented to Litchfield residents or whether the buyers and renters will have to be “imported.”
  4. No report was sought from the Litchfield Economic Development Commission even though the past president, David Dean, is a commercial realtor and knows more about local, commercial real estate than anyone.
  5. Only two days ago was a report finally requested from the Bantam Planning and Zoning Commission, so we have no idea what their thoughts are on the use of the property. 
In other words, the Town is proceeding to a hearing and a vote to give away as much as $1 million before essential due diligence is complete and for a proposal, about which the tax payers have only the vaguest information.     
Speaking as a member of the Board of Finance, but not for the BOF, the Board of Selectmen should table any further action on this matter until the voters are given better clarity on the proposal and/or the BOS negotiates a price that is fair to the taxpayers. 
James Stedronsky
To the Editor:
St. Michael’s in Litchfield is grateful to all the community partners that worked together to make the Month of Joy a big success this past April. Our thanks go to: The Oliver Wolcott Library, The Litchfield Community Center, The Hickory Stick Bookshop, The East Litchfield Improvement Society, The Litchfield Recycle Center, White Memorial, Father Tucker, David Pavlick and the many members of our wider community that participated in The Month of Joy events. Together we read, discussed, laughed, meditated and supported The Food Pantry at St. Micheal’s. The redeemable container drive organized by the Sunday School program collected 1,455 redeemable containers. Those containers earned $72.75 that will be used to buy fresh food for The Food Pantry, which is open the third Saturday of the month from 10:30-12:30 for anyone who suffers from food insecurity.  
Denise Butwill
St. Michael’s, Litchfield