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To the Editor of
The taxpayers of Litchfield owe thanks to the 1,303 voters who had the surprisingly good sense to reject the courthouse-to-money pit conversion in the December referendum. Let’s hope the good sense will continue to prevail rather than the penny wisdom and pound foolishness that have all too often prevailed when historically short-sighted Litchfield voters have approved building projects . . .
Yours faithfully,
Paul Mordecai Rosenberg
To the Editor:
Since the Litchfield United Methodist Church’s announcement to sell our West Street Church building, the outpouring of support for our future in Litchfield has been uplifting.  On behalf of the Litchfield UMC, I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Litchfield community. 
It turns out, our future just may be rooted in our past.  The first Methodist church was built in the mid-1830s on Meadow Street.  That building was sold to the Masons in 1885; it remains the Masonic St. Paul’s Lodge.  The current church located on West Street was built in 1885.  In 1981, there was a fire at the West Street building and we were welcomed by the Masons, with church services held in the Masonic Lodge.  Soon, we face the challenge of being a congregation without a permanent home.  The Masons have invited us back to our original home on Meadow Street.  Thank you to the Masons and to the generous spirit of each Mason we have met.
For now, as we seek zoning approval, we remain in our West Street Church.  Please come visit us on West Street before we move.  The building is beautiful: with restored stain glass windows, with matching altar-rail ironwork; and the cross hanging over the altar designed by architect Tom Babbitt.  The 19th century pipe organ allows for an amazing prelude to service.  Our Sunday School empowers children every week (we welcome walk-ins).  After service we break bread and share our stories together.  During service, the singing is optional, and prayers are preferred.  Knowing that the end of our time in this special building is limited, the weekly return will be both painful and joyous.  Our congregation remains strong and committed to our future together in Litchfield. Sunday service starts at 10:00. Please come see us.  
Thank you.
Jim Strub
Litchfield United Methodist Church
Dear Editor,
The Board of Directors of the Greater Litchfield Preservation Trust, Inc. thanks the 830 people who visited the courthouse and made positive comments about its re-use as our town hall, the many folks who wrote letters in support of the Courthouse, the 148 who signed petitions requesting a referendum, and the 847 citizens who voted to support the 1888 courthouse conversion during the December referendum.
We have been heartened to know how many of our neighbors have become members of the Trust and/or chose to send generous donations to support historic preservation projects and to show appreciation for the work the Trust does to carry out the mission set forth by Sonia and Hans Seherr-Thoss to preserve and protect historic architecture in our community.
Thank you Litchfield,
Annie Borzilleri
Carol Bramley
Byron Brooks
Kay Carroll
L. Cleveland Fuessenich
Gerald Geci
Burke Gibney
Perley Grimes
Paul Hinkel
Daniel Kraut
Victoria Sansing
Eileen Schmidt