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Selectmen want quick end to LVA-Morris agreement (06-07-17)

Litchfield’s Board of Fire Commissioners and Emergency Medical Services will again address the Litchfield Volunteer Ambulance-Morris relationship during a meeting Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Litchfield firehouse.
The meeting will come on the heels of Litchfield’s Board of Selectmen declaring that Morris needs to get its act together so the interim agreement LVA and Morris have regarding emergency medical service coverage in Morris can end as soon as possible.
Selectmen on Tuesday expressed concern about liability when LVA has to assume responsibility for a service Morris should be providing.
“Our hope is that a solution is on the horizon in Morris,” First Selectman Leo Paul Jr. said.
Paul and his selectmen expressed concern about the liability Litchfield would face if a paid or volunteer LVA EMS provider were to be injured responding to a call in Morris. A representative of the town’s insurance carrier, the Connecticut Inter-local Risk Management Agency, will be at Thursday’s meeting to explain the liability issue, Paul said.
Morris’s fire department, after a protracted dispute with the town’s Board of Selectmen over how revenue from ambulance calls should be returned to the town went unresolved, gave up its responsibility for emergency medical services on May 1.
The fire department voluntarily gave up its Primary Service Area provider designation and the state Office of Emergency Medical Services responded by giving the PSA to LVA, which essentially had no choice but to accept.
LVA has been providing EMS coverage in Morris since May 2 under the terms of an interim agreement that will expire Sept. 2.
Paul said Morris officials need to resolve their issues as soon as possible so the interim agreement doesn’t have to be extended. Morris won’t be able to provide EMS service again until the state agrees to transfer the PSA from LVA to the Morris fire department.