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Malloy hits Goshen and Bantam to promote tourism (08-02-14)

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, left, listens as Ron Nodine explains the history of Nodine's Gourmet Store in Goshen on Friday. Below, Malloy tours the Arethusa Farm barn in Litchfield with the farm's co-owner, Tony Yurgaitis. BZ photos

A longtime Goshen landmark and relatively new landmarks in Litchfield and Bantam were on the itinerary of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Friday as he toured Litchfield County with Connecticut Office of Tourism officials to promote tourism in the region.
In Goshen, Malloy stopped for lunch at Nodine's Gourmet Store, where he was greeted by the Nodine's founder, Ron Nodine, and his son, Calvin. The store is part of the Nodine's Smokehouse business, which has been around for 45 years and is one of Goshen's oldest businesses.
Calvin Nodine explained the history of the business to Malloy and gave him a tour of the store. The governor showed much interest in the refrigerated meat products and bought one item before enjoying a bacon a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on toasted bread for lunch.
Goshen First Selectman Robert P. Valentine and state Rep. Jay Case, R-Winchester, were on hand for Malloy's visit. Valentine used the opportunity to ask Malloy to consider the town's application for a Small Town Economic Assistance Program grant from the state that would fund new bathrooms at Camp Cochipianee.
At Arethusa, the farm's co-owner Tony Yurgatis, farm manager Tom Breakell and staff rolled out the red carpet for the governor. Yurgaitis led Malloy on a tour of the barn where most of the farm's award-winning herd is kept and of a barn housing calves.
The big show, however, came at Arethusa's facility in Bantam, where manager Erin Hubbard and her staff prepared a grand welcoming. The first stop was the second floor above Arethusa's al tavolo restaurant for samples of Arethusa's cheeses and butter.
Then it was downstairs and over to the building next door to tour Arethusa's creamery before a stop in the dairy store for complimentary ice cream. Malloy had strawberry ice cream and peach ice cream in a waffle cone and raved about it as he headed out the door for the next stop on his tour.
Gov. Malloy with Calvin Nodine, left, and Goshen First Selectman Robert P. Valentine.
Calvin Nodine and the governor inside Nodine's Gourmet Store.
Gov. Malloy checks out one of Nodine's products.
The governor's lunch is ready to go.
Gov. Malloy and the Nodine family.
Gov. Malloy and First Selectman Robert P. Valentine.
Gov. Malloy tours the Arethusa Farm cow barn.
Arethusa dairy store manager Erin Hubbard shows the governor the store's line of products.
Arethusa's Tony Yurgaitis gives the governor a tour of the creamery and dairy store.
The governor enjoys his ice cream cone.