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Litchfield voting numbers still not finalized (11-08-17)

Litchfield First Selectman Leo Paul Jr. was back at his desk in Town Hall on Wednesday morning after an apparent victory over Matthew Blasavage on Tuesday. Final voting numbers won't be available until later Wednesday following an election night ballot debacle. Visiting Paul was Richard Quay, who ran for a seat on the Board of Finance. BZ photos

An anxious First Selectman Leo Paul Jr. and all of the other candidates in Tuesday's election are still waiting on Wednesday for the final vote tally, although preliminary numbers indicate Paul has secured a new term as have Selectmen Paul Parsons, Jonathan Torrant, Diane Knox and Jeffrey Zullo.

Paul was in his office at Town Hall by 9 a.m. Wednesday and was waiting for the voting results. His challenger, Matthew Blasavage, would appear to not have enough votes to gain a seat on the board. Preliminary numbers provided last night showed Paul with a 1,295-880 lead over Blasavage. All four selectmen had more votes than Blasavage as well, according to preliminary numbers.

All of the preliminary numbers were taken off the vote tabulation machines at the town's three polling places.

The delay in final results is due to the polling places running out of ballots because of a heavier than expected voter turnout. All 2,200 ballots were used well before the polls closed at 8 p.m., forcing election oficials to make copies of ballots and employ unused absentee ballots. The copies of ballots and the absentee ballots, which totaled about 400, had to be counted by hand, a process that lasted well past midnight.

Republican Registrar of Voters Nancy Knowlton sorts through election documents at the Litchfield firehouse on Tuesday.


Peter and Sue Carpenter, who were among the last voters at the Litchfield firehouse on Tuesday, are checked in by poll workers.

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