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Goshen approves a budget and re-elects Sanders (06-01-17)

The crowd at a town meeting in Goshen on Wednesday listens as Christopher Sanders expreses his desire to continue serving on the Region 6 Board of Education. BZ photos

A heavily-attended town meeting in Goshen on Wednesday approved a proposed town budget for 2017-18 and re-elected Christopher Sanders to the Region 6 Board of Education.

Sanders, a member of the board for eight years, is currently chairman. He'll serve a three-year term ending June 30, 2020. To gain a new term, Sanders had to fend off a challege from Richard Binkowski. The vote in Sanders' favor was 51-43.

In remarks before the vote, Sanders said his experience as a board member would be pivotal as the board begins working with a new superintendent of schools and hires a new principal for Wamogo Regional High School.

Binkowski, a state trooper for 31 years, said his interest in serving on the board stems from the board's inability to hire superintendents who possess the required certification for the job. The current superintendent, Edward Drapp, and the previous superintendent, Craig Drezek, were not certified when they accepted the job. The school board had to absorb the cost of coursework Drezek and Drapp had to take to become certified, Binkowski said.

"It's time for a change and a clean slate with a new superintendent coming in," Binkowski said.  

The proposed town budget of $11,085,855 was approved almost unanimously.  The approved budget is $289,415, or 2.7 percent, higher than the current budget of $10,795,706 and its passage will require an increase in the tax rate of nine-tenths of 1 mill, from 18.7 mills to 19.6 mills.

Included in the approved budget $3,013,506 for municipal spending, $7,341,807 for the approved Region 6 Board of Education budget, and $729,808 for capital improvements.
Richard Binkowski, below, made an unsuccessful bid for a seat on the Board of Education.