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A Mix of Oil & Water
A Group Show of Nine Painters
Thursday, September 1 ~ 5:00-7:00 p.m. 
@ Oliver Wolcott Library
Jamie Gagarin Community Room & Gallery
on exhibit September 1 - October 29, 2016
This exhibit presents the watercolor and oil/acrylic paintings of a group of nine artists who first met while attending classes with Marija McCarthy at the Washington Art Association. When Marija relocated, they decided to continue to paint together and keep enjoying the enthusiasm and constructive criticism they give each other. They meet all through the year either en plein air or at the Litchfield Community Center in winter. They call themselves “The Oil and Water,” as they paint in both mediums (sometimes pastels), proving they really do mix. ~
Heal” by North Carolina artist Erin Tapley
Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery
Wisdom House Retreat and Conference Center
The exhibit consists of scrolls produced by a technique called hydroprinting or marbling. Marbling is a printed, paper decorating method done by floating and arranging colors on thickened water. 
Raymond Jacobs: Jazz
A selection of Raymond Jacobs jazz photos will be on display at the Litchfield Historical Society until November 27, 2016. Click here for more details. ~
New Landscape Project and Exhibit
Tuesday, August 9 through Sunday, November 27
@t Litchfield Historical Society
A new exhibit will be on view, Tuesday, August 9 through Sunday, November 27, at the Litchfield Historical Society on the Reeve House Landscape Project.  
The exhibit, Reimagining the Reeve House Landscape, will display the landscape architectural plans and a history of gardens and interesting landscapes in Litchfield. Artwork completed in Litchfield depicting various landscape elements, including needlework embroidery of apple trees done by a Litchfield Female Academy and an oil painting of Litchfield’s Primeval Oak, will be on display. Also on view, an assortment of artifacts found during landscaping projects around Litchfield. Additionally, maps, landscape designs, and historic photos of public gardens and green spaces in Litchfield will be featured. ~
Oliver Wolcott Library Art Gallery
Reception ~ Wendy Costa
Litchfield- "Photographs in Infrared"
Jamie Gagarin Community Room and Gallery
Wendy Costa has been an avid photographer since inheriting her father's Argus C3 rangefinder camera in high school. In graduate school at the University of Michigan, she studied with Joanne Leonard, who encouraged her to combine photography with drawing, painting, and collage. After the completion of her MFA degree, Costa pursued other alternative photography media, including Polaroid transfers. This medium allowed her to combine drawing, painting, and collage with photography.
Brush Hill Road Swamp
In 2014, inspired by the work of Laurie J. Klein, Costa began to work with digital infrared photography. In infrared photography, live green foliage and grass reflect infrared rays, so they appear white. Blue skies and deep water absorb infrared rays, so they appear black. There is a mystery to the medium which she loves - she never quite knows how the picture is going to appear until she clicks the shutter.
Cape Dunes
A Litchfield resident, Wendy Costa has been teaching art for 35 years, the last 26 years at Wamogo Regional High School where she teaches photography, among other art classes.  Her work has been shown in many venues including the Center for Photographic Art, University of Connecticut, Litchfield Historical Society, and Westover School.
Litwin Windmill
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